M. en D.A. y P.P. Gabriel Rodrigo Bustamante Brambila. 


He is a law graduate from the Universidad Iberoamericana, where he graduated with honors, and has several studies abroad in society, art and Italian culture, as well as academic stays in France and the United States. He is also Master in Environmental Law and Public Policy with special mention by the Center for Research and Learning of the Environment. He is part of the advisory network of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation, which is derived from the North American Free Trade Agreement for the formulation of factual records. He is a member of the International Environmental Lawyers Network.

He has participated actively in various international arbitrations on investment and in the processes of acquisition and sale of assets of infrastructure projects. As a partner at V&A, he is focused on consulting projects in the Energy, Tourism and Industrial Sector. He has been the leading advocate of renewable energy projects for more than 5,000 MW, gas transportation over 5,000 kilometers, as well as numerous combined cycle power plants, transmission lines and distribution networks. The letter of infrastructure projects in which it has been fundamental piece sums investments that surpass the 30,000 million dollars. In social matters and indigenous peoples, it has been in the main discussions as the elaboration of the first environmental legal instrument that incorporates the component of customs and customs for different ethnic groups of the state of Oaxaca.

Within the Consultant, as a partner, he directs part of the environmental consulting team, which is responsible for advising on infrastructure projects, energy, tourism developments, hazardous waste containment, as well as governments in legislative matters.

He is also a graduate of the Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Public Policy at the Universidad del Medio Ambiente.


Spanish, english, italian and french.


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