Intervention Areas

energia_new_green-min Energy

  • We have supported an investment of 51 Million US Dollars to generate 6,528 MW, out of which 40% consists of renewable energy.
  • We have intervened in the authorization of 2,323 Km of natural gas pipelines.

turismo_new_green-min   Tourism

  • We have supported 215 projects (12.5 Billion US Dollars) in real estate developments, sustainable master plans, golf courses and comprehensive project management in coastal areas.
  • We have played a role as advisors in several Environmental Management Units (UMAs).
  • We have advised in the creation of Urban Development Programs (PDUs) providing legal certainty to real estate tourism developments.
  • We have counseled on the creation of the first Sustainable Tourism Development Zone in Mexico.
  • We have participated in the creation of Mexican Official Standards related to wetlands, waterfront protection and climate change.



  • We have participated in 35 legislative bills.
  • We have developed 46 draft regulations on land management.
  • We have been part of 17 climate change projects.
  • We have carried out more than 30 studies for UNEP, UNDP, IUCN, NACEC, IDB, WMO and BECC.

industria_new_green-min   Industry

  • We have performed 412 environmental audits.
  • We have participated in the authorization of 91 waste management projects.
  • We have been part of 17 biotechnology projects.

mineria_new_green-min Mining

  • We have supported the authorization of 49 projects with an investment of 15 Billion Dollars, supported by social and environmental works.

social_last-min  Social

  • Equator Principles
  • Convention 169 and the Consultation to Indigenous populations
  • Social Impact Studies
  • Social Management Plans
  • Community relationship


  • We have successfully litigated to support our clients’ environmental authorizations on tourism, mining, energy and industrial projects.
  • We have obtained outstanding results in litigation against administrative decisions affecting the regular operations of our clients’ facilities or activities.
  • We are one of the few firms in Mexico specialized in environmental liability litigation as well as in collective actions on environmental matters.
  • We specialize in Constitutional Disputes; Amparo and Annulment litigation as well as in Administrative Remedies.
  • We have been called in as expert witnesses in 4 out of the 5 international arbitrations on environmental matters disputed in Mexico.


About V & A

We perform legally efficient actions in the ecosystems to enhance local well-being with a global effect.


For the last 3 decades, the members of V&A have played an important role in the definition of environmental law practice in Mexico and in other Latin-American countries.
The Firm is known for its talent, experience, ability, knowledge and above all, the commitment of its members to the matters entrusted to them.
The Firm’s philosophy is based on its legal excellence and the innovation of its recommendations and strategies, on the effective defense of its client’s interests before courts, but most importantly, on the continuous identification of opportunities and challenges that its clients must face to successfully fulfill their goals, business plans or governmental programs, always pursuing the achievement of environmentally sustainable, socially acceptable and economically profitable projects.
V&A offers comprehensive advice and specialized, timely and high quality legal defense, combining material proximity with knowledge and experience on the subject, providing a clear added value to its clients’ interests, in addition to providing cost efficient services prioritizing personal and immediate attention when and where its advice is required.

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Efficiency
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration

Integral Vision and Methodology

Prior to any on-site activity, we assess the scope of each project to adjust it to reality.
Our methodology generates long-term consensus based on social, environmental and economic balance, through which we achieve a sustainable approach with concrete actions fostering the well-being of each party involved in a project.

360º Strategy

Project Design

We analyze each projects’ environment through technical studies, to ensure the protection of natural resources relevant to the surrounding communities.

Legal Framing

We identify the appropriate legislation to design and apply strategies to maximize environmental, social and economic benefits for all stockholders, always achieving the projects’ goals.

Consensus Building

We implement innovating and unique solutions of collective intelligence, based on a constructive, pristine and encompassing dialog among all interested parties, to enhance the projects through win-win synergies. We evaluate the social impact of projects to generate comprehensive strategies.

Dispute Resolution

We prevent and settle conflicts derived from either a faulty application of the law, or due to such a perception by third parties.